Nail treatment tips as well as appropriate cosmetics for your nails See what to look out. Learn more.

Stunning and cool nails are not just a sign of womanhood. Male ought to additionally form and nurture them regularly.

The nails belong of the finger, which is comparable in structure to the hair due to the fact that it has keratin– a material that produces the epidermis. If they are supported and healthy and balanced, they will attract the appearances and also passion of several. Or else, it will make your hands unpleasant as well as can result in a loss of self-confidence.
Attractive nails.

Nail care involves far more than tinting. It consists of shaping, brightening, and protecting the nail plate, and removing as well as taking care of the skin around the nail.

Every manicure and also pedicure treatment includes the obligatory defense of the nail plate. If you go to beauty parlor routinely, focus on how they treat your nails. In addition to strengthening, pouring, as well as designing, a specialist beauty therapist will certainly likewise deal with treatment.

Right here are nine professional ideas that you can apply in your home Stunning, clean natural nails are always in fad.

  1. Daily care in the house.

Nails that are weak, quickly broken, bitten, or rough to the touch, are not attractive to any person. For your nails to be healthy and balanced, firm, and also immune, they require consistent treatment. The very first and standard rule is: prevent bad habits! Several ladies as well as males have a practice of attacking their nails as well as the skin around them. To make your nails shiny as well as gorgeous, ignore it.

Prep work for strengthening as well as faster nail development consist of nutrients that permeate the nail structure, making it healthier and also shinier. Read the text Bye-bye breakable as well as weak nails and find out exactly how to fix this issue.

For complete recovery of the harmed nail plate, routine application of IBD RECONSTRUX repair therapy for one month is suggested.

To make your nails stronger and without peeling off, we suggest using SECHE Rebuild nail restore as well as reinforcing representative. We also recommend routine use cuticle oil.

  1. Choose specialist devices

In addition to using sufficient preparations, it is essential to choose the best devices for nail treatment, which will not even more harm and also wear down the nails.

For proper shortening and also forming of nails, professionals recommend using scissors. Nail clippers are meant for novices as well as beginners. In our offer, you will certainly locate quality stainless steel scissors with a sharp blade, with which you will be able to do a manicure like an expert.

Beautiful nails are tidy. Usage proper accessories to eliminate unwanted dust under the nail. For this purpose, an instrument made of stainless-steel for pedicure and manicure treatments will offer well.

After each usage, it is essential to decontaminate the devices.

Regarding concerns the devices it is better to utilize a nail oven (φουρνάκι νυχιών) to dry the nails.

  1. Do not fail to remember the follicles

Follicle treatment is also an essential step in maintaining the stunning look of hands. This must be taken into consideration equally by ladies and males. Cuticle biting is prohibited! It will certainly not fix the issue, on the other hand. It will just trigger pain as well as inflammatory processes on the skin.

Prior to refining the nail plate, it is needed to dedicate oneself to the follicles. For that function, follicle pushers and cutters are made use of, in addition to unique stainless-steel scissors.

The follicle pusher offers to press excess skin of the nail This facilitates the elimination of follicles and contributes to a more routine and lovely appearance of the nail.

Nippers or scissors are used to get rid of the thickened skin around the nail. With expert accessories, the blades are sharp, so they need to be dealt with very carefully.

Cuticle treatment is an important part of every effective manicure. Means for that function (oils) nourish and also hydrate the skin, make the cuticles thinner as well as less noticeable. They have extremely positive aromas and are made use of in the final phase of manicure. Follicle oil can be utilized day-to-day. It is applied to the skin, massaged lightly, and also rubbed over the nail gloss.

Regular use of these prep work provides elasticity to the nails as well as skin, avoiding them from cracking, peeling, as well as the formation of cuticles.

  1. Length and shape of the nail.

Fingernails grow up to 6 mm per month. More youthful people grow nails much faster than older individuals. Additionally, the rate of development depends on the period– in summertime the procedure increases. The finger nails expand three times faster than on the feet.

Lengthy nails look gorgeous and also womanly. Incredibly long ones are not suggested for each day, because they break quickly. Medium-length are really easy to maintain. If they are looked after, they look appealing and also do not interfere with daily work. Short nails are the most convenient to preserve as well as are the least exposed to microorganisms from the prompt atmosphere.

When you determine to let your nails grow, make sure to furthermore supply them with proper preparations, so that they do not damage as well as split. For the aesthetic result of a longer nail, use cream-colored varnishes with white and pink tones.

Nails– popular shapes

Well-groomed, healthy and balanced, as well as strong nails can be formed in mostly all forms. Some shapes are simpler to maintain, others refer style trends. Which shape you choose is up to you. It is much easier for those with sharp edges to peel the nails, while the rounded ones damage the least.

The most typical forms are square, rounded, oblong, almond-shaped, sharp, and also ballerina nails, in addition to their mixes.

Rounded (rounded) nails are the most effective form for brief nails. Several consider this kind out-of-date, although it has numerous benefits. It is the simplest to maintain, it follows the natural line of the fingertip. These nails are extremely resilient, and also will not scrape and tear delicate fabrics such as socks. They are recommended for everyone that has weak and soft nails.

Square nails have actually been incredibly popular for a very long time. The square form looks ideal on medium-length nails. The edges of the nail of this shape are a bit sharp, so cracking can occur, less complicated than with rounded ones.

Today, almond, pointed and ballerina nail shapes are extremely popular. Nonetheless, they break rapidly, so for this form, it is suggested to utilize the techniques of enhancing and pouring nails, that is, brows through to the beauticians.

Almond nails are a preferred form of numerous ladies. They extend the fingers and add to a softer look. To attain this form, it is needed to round the nails on the side, which can bring about breaking.

Pointed nails are long and also directed at the top. Due to that, they are requiring to maintain as well as it is nearly difficult to form them on natural nails.

Ballerina nails obtained their name due to the shape that looks like a ballerina’s footwear. They match long nails and also additionally extend the fingers, however they are not advised for people with thin and weak nails.

  1. Filing is obligatory

Nail files are an essential part of manicure accessories. They are made use of for aligning as well as forming nails, getting rid of small fractures on the pointers that can cause further splitting, as well as for brightening. You ought to always have one documents “at hand”, anywhere you go. The most essential aspect of a file is that it is of high quality which it is utilized correctly, so as not to additional damage the nails.

Declaring is done exclusively on completely dry nails and in one instructions. Initially, the suggestion of the nail is formed with a longer file, and afterwards the sides. Then, with a special buffer data, gently pass over the top surface area of the nail plate, from the root to the top, making sure not to damage the surface area layer of the nail. This is an important step in the preparation of the nail plate for varnishing. Polishing will certainly remove disproportion as well as prepare the surface for additional treatment.

For shaping all-natural nails, utilize granulation files of 180, and also for brightening, choose the suitable barrier polishing data.

  1. Base– the key to the durability of the varnish

The skim coat (ακρυτζέλ) is the first layer that is put on the nails after the surface area is treated with a data. The reason for the lengthy durability of nail polish remains in the little method of expert beauty consultants. They constantly utilize a base or skim coat. For your nails to be attractive and also glossy, and also the color to be permanent, never avoid this action.

In addition to improving the resilience of the varnish and also the intensity of the shade, the base prevents the pigments from the varnish from penetrating the nail plate. In our deal, you will certainly find a large option of bases, which will stop the appearance of yellow nails after getting rid of the varnish.

  1. Proper varnishing

When we speak about gorgeous nails, we generally think of perfectly repainted nails initially. Using the base is already halfway to that goal.

The varnish is always applied in a thin layer– normally, only three strokes of the brush suffice to cover the whole surface. For a lot more intense color, it suffices to repeat the procedure once, when the very first layer dries. If you are not competent with a brush, you will possibly apply a little or more repaint on the skin around the nail.
Be sure to make use of reputable companies for cosmetics (καλλυντικά) for a correct end result.
Don’t worry, you don’t have to eliminate the nail gloss from the whole nail, there is a basic remedy for that– a corrector pen to get rid of the nail polish.

When the paint and the sides begin to peel off, the nails compromise as well as end up being more prone to fracturing. For that reason, additional defense is applied over the varnish.

Specialists recommend the obligatory use a protective layer (overcoat), after each varnishing. It will certainly supply added nail shine or produce a matte impact, depending upon what you pick. The last covering is applied in a thin layer over the entire varnished surface and on the very side of the nail pointer. This produces a protective layer as well as stops the varnish from breaking as well as cracking. Such preparations likewise prolong the life of the varnish.

  1. Nails as an icon of femininity– just how to choose a color

Numerous ladies enjoy to alter the shade of their nail polish, some also a number of times a week. Others have actually been faithful to one color as well as its shades for years.

The selection of shade is considerably influenced by fads, but additionally by the seasons. Although this is not the guideline, pleasant colors are normally recommended for summer season, while darker tones are more often worn in winter. Ladies commonly pick a shade that matches their mood, or wardrobe. It’s all an issue of choice.

If you still don’t have your favored nail polish color, select it by your skin and also you will absolutely not slip up. Off-white and also light pink nails appropriate for individuals with lighter skin. For a medium-light complexion, white nails with tones of gray and also blue are best, while olive skin is finest fit to off-white tones with a white undertone. For a dark skin, specialists advise grainy pink tones.

Favorite shades

Nude as well as soft pink shades are the very best remedy for accomplishing an all-natural as well as unobtrusive appearance. With them, your nails will look beautiful, clean, and tidy. You will certainly have the ability to reveal them anywhere as well as each day: at school, at the office, at night out …

Red nails resemble a “little black outfit”– classic. They incorporate flawlessly with every design and are suitable for night getaways. Despite whether you select the classic red or its tones, you will certainly not go wrong. If you want to attain the full effect of sophistication, burgundy is the best selection.

Pearlescent nails made use of to be a common option for older girls. Fashion has actually transformed a long time back, so today these varnishes are likewise put on by much more youthful females.

Sequined nails are always in vogue, especially for the more youthful populace. For this look, you require to either pick a nail polish that currently has bangles or utilize the ideal glitter powder to embellish your preferred shade.

Nails with zircons will certainly add to a charming and also more festive appearance. They are popular for weddings and college graduation. Zircons look fantastic on manicured nails as information, because they furthermore highlight their elegance. A rich series of colors, forms, and sizes, with a little nail art abilities, will certainly make your nails glossy as well as eye-catching.

We recommend that you choose Swarovski crystals for an unique event and a best luster on your nails

Summertime nails.

French manicure is always in for the summer season. It suits every person well, regardless of age and skin. It will visually make the brief nail plate much longer, as well as it will certainly better stress the long one. Classic white French nails look gentle, beautiful, and also clean. They are a terrific selection for holidays and never go out of fashion.

French nails have actually been especially prominent recently. They are very efficient and also as a result of the multitude of versions, they will certainly never get bored. You can integrate two favored colors: lighter for the base, and darker for the line on top of the nail, or vice versa. Everything is allowed!

Ombre nails remain in pattern this period too. This strategy is a little bit extra demanding than ordinary varnishing. It lasts longer and entails combining two or three colors. It can be any color, and it will look a lot more reliable if bangles are included. It is just important that the colors “circulation” right into each other. Likewise, it can be combined with other strategies, so you can get e.g. French ombre nails. It will certainly work enough even if you repaint only one nail by doing this. If you are a fan of ombre design, as well as you do not have enough abilities and perseverance, we suggest you to enjoy the hands of a nail art master.

Colorful nails are related to summer season, young people, as well as sprightliness. There are many opportunities and also suggestions: from integrating two or three colors on one nail to varnishing each nail with a various color. If you opt for a manicure such as this, choose brilliant, joyful colors.

Matte nails are a total hit this season and are not reserved only for gelled and acrylic nails. All you need to do is choose your favored shade and shade as well as apply a leading coat over the varnish for a matte result.

  1. Hand and also toenail protection

Despite the season, hands and nails must constantly be safeguarded from outside impacts. When cleaning dishes, contact with chemicals as well as dirt (eg. as a result of transplanting blossoms), make sure to make use of gloves. Not just will you safeguard your hands, yet you will likewise maintain your nail plate healthy as well as tidy. Too much direct exposure to water can additionally have a detrimental result on nails. Furthermore, hands ought to be shielded from various climatic influences: solid wind, chilly or sunlight. Find out more concerning it in the blog site “Hand cream: what we normally neglect”.

Whether you like to leave your manicure to experts or do toenail care in the house, don’t neglect that clean as well as neat nails are the most attractive. No varnish can conceal splits and bumps. If you have actually a harmed nail plate, these tips will surely aid you to recoup it easily as well as swiftly. Summertime is the most effective time to show every person your polished nails.