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justifying civil disobedience and direct action

CAS 2014 Annual Lecture: Civil Disobedience and Non-Violent Direct Action "We believe that intensifying peaceful civil disobedience is not only ethically justifiable but morally necessary" - Kumi Naidoo.

Civil Disobedience From the BBC Radio 4 series about life's big questions - http://www.bbc.co.uk/historyofideas A just society has fair laws. But most ...

The secret

justifying intellectual property

Theoretical justifications for intellectual property

Justifications for intellectual property A brief look at the philosophical justifications that are advanced for intellectual property laws - further reading definitely required!

01c The utilitarian justification for Intellectual Property

Justification for Intellectual Property Rights http://thebusinessprofessor.com/justification-for-intellectual-property-rights/ This video provides the justification for granting or ...

Introduction to Intellectual

justifying legal punishment studies in applied philosophy

Justifying Legal Punishment

Applied Philosophy David Schmidtz Serious Science - http://serious-science.org Philosopher David Schmidtz on consequentialism, Kantianism, and the philosophical ...

Kant & Categorical Imperatives: Crash Course Philosophy #35 Our next stop on our tour of ethics is Kant's ethics. Today Hank explains hypothetical and categorical imperatives, the ...

Utilitarianism: Crash Course Philosophy #36

justifying war propaganda politics and the modern age

Peter Pomerantsev on Disinformation in the Modern Age Disinformation, propaganda, and ‘fake news’ – these are some of the biggest topics today – especially in Ukraine, where ...

How Disinformation Is Taking Over the World | NYT Opinion Episode 3, Operation InfeKtion: Governments from Pakistan to Mexico to Washington are woefully